This 1971 Toyota Celica Has A 1000HP Lexus V8 And GT-R’s AWD System!

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[22 December 2016]

Most wouldn’t dare to turn a 1971 Toyota Celica into a drag racing monster, but Australia’s Jamie Heritage clearly isn’t one of them.

The rev-head has built what is almost certainly the world’s fastest ’71 Celica and with it, can reach 311 km/h (193 mph) in the 1,000 meter sprint thanks to the sports car’s incredible engine and drivetrain.

The engine shoehorned into the Celica is a Lexus V8 complemented with a huge Garrett turbocharger and delivering a cool 1,000 hp. All of that immense power is funnelled to the ground courtesy of a Holinger six-speed sequential transmission, gearsets from a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R and the differentials of an R33 GT-R.

While this amalgamation of random parts from different Japanese automakers may seem absurd, it delivers spectacular results, creating what can only be described as an absolute animal.

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