Celica participation Le Mans Classic 29 June - 1st July 2023

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7 maanden 2 weken geleden - 5 maanden 1 week geleden #565 door SEAN DEZART
Hello everybody.

I'm a long-term fan of Celicas having bought my first back in 1987 !

I then became diverted by Datsun Zs although owned Celicas in parallel.
Space and financial means insisted that I choose and, I'm sorry, the 240Z won.....however, my circumstances improved and I looked around to recapture my youthful days and....

I found a '74 TA22ST in Belgium in a partially dismantled state but all complete. A long drive up from the Vendée to near Liege (and back) and it is mine.
A long-term project - I wish to construct a pleasant road-car with some improvements here and there eg lowered, better brakes, uprated suspension, twin 40mm Webers and cosmetics.

I also sourced an RA40 GT wreck and plundered the 18R-G engine, T51 box and LSD......in case of....:-)

I'm very active in the Datsun Z scene and in the future hope to socialise with you locally and hopefully afar (and more when the TA gets rolling).

In the meantime, as organiser of our Datsun Z stand at Le Mans Classic, I have Peter Autos' permission to extend our club space to invite and welcome Toyota Celicas for the very first time.
This year is the centenary edition (1923-2023 of the 24hrs Le Mans) and I feel it fitting that two of the most popular Japanese sporting coupés share and enjoy the spectacle together.

I encourage the Toyota clubs this year to learn and make the most of my experience and contacts (present since the beginning in 2002) and henceforth organise an independant stand in the years to come despite being always welcome to share ours if preferred.

Please see further below for all the details.

Kind regards and see you soon.
I'm always happy to chat so please don't be timid. :-)

Hello everybody.

Last year, we were with +200,000 at Le Mans Classic…….this year will be huge to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 24hrs race.

We have a great stand, well placed with space, security and above all, easy access for our low cars. Pedestrian acces is quick and easy to the Dunlop bridge and chicane, the paddocks, village, food and drink and animations.


In short :

€64: Entrance per person during the 4x days without access to the paddocks (public rate €82)

€90: Entrance per person during the 4x days WITH access to the paddocks (public rate €144)

Children's rate: Le Mans Classic is FREE for children under 16 (on the date of the event). The child must be accompanied by an adult (with a ticket) to access the circuit enclosure. He will therefore be able to access the General Enclosure and the Paddocks.

Accommodation :

Reception area (campsite) Beauséjour: €100 the pitch open from 9 a.m. on Thursday June 29 or Monday morning July 3: We are traditionally here, all together and with electricity for grills, aperitifs, eating together = great atmosphere guaranteed! Same price as this year 

Or see the offers of lodges, hotels, Air-BnB around…..

For any contact with me, thank you for choosing emailing because it is the only means by which I prefer to exchange; old-school I know but I received messages from all media and so not to miss anything - by email please :-)!

I undertake, with the help of Club Datsun-France, to order your entry tickets (with or without paddocks), pitches at the Beauséjour campsite and club stand passes. All reservations must be paid at the time of your order.
A charge of €6 will be requested to cover the fdps and €5 This sum covers the postage costs and covers you by our club's insurance in the event of any damage caused by you within the circuit grounds. 

With your order, I need to know, please, which model / year of car (or not if you come on foot).

My opinion – don't wait too long as space is filling up quickly ! 
I remain at your disposal for further questions/information.

Best regards and see you soon.
Tel: 0784911377 + Whatsapp

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