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Hi People,

I was looking for some Hyundai Coupe parts (supercharger) and came to this contact, Alejandro Santiago, in Puerto Rico (USA), His parents live in the Netherlands. He also sells GT86 parts. I asked him if he could ship to the Netherlands, and this is possible. Be warned you have to pay 21% Dutch tax and for carparts + 3-4% "invoerrechten".

Please mention discount code IURHHDFL for a quotation.

Best Regards,

Hi Fred

Thanks for the email!

Yes we could work something out with your GT86 and for the friends of yours too! Also with the Hyundai Tiburon.

As for the Celica, we don't carry any parts for this car :-( However it looks great and I love those engines :-)

I looked at maps, and your city is about a 1:30 hours driving to my parent's. How small this world is mu friend!

Hope to help you guys in the future!

Best Regards!

Alejandro Santiago
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